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think by atlas

In: Nebulas of Urban Thought: volume I – ways of thinking. 1 ed. Salvador : EDUFBA, 2018, v.1, p. 46-69

Ricardo Trevisan

New Cities, Progerian Cities: From Gestation to Gesture Necessity

In: Corpocidade 5: urban gestures. 1 ed. Salvador : Edufba, 2017, p. 190-205. ISBN: 9788523215859

Ricardo Trevisan

Introduction to the Garden City Idea in Brazil

In: Architecture, Aesthetics and Urbanism: issues of modernity. 1 ed. Brasília : Editora FAU/UnB, 2014, v.1, p. 204-219.
ISBN: 9788560762170.

Ricardo Trevisan

Taguatinga: connections and centralities

In: Brasília 50+50: city, history and project..1 ed.Brasilia : EdUNB, 2014, p. 92-101. ISBN: 9788523011024.

Carolina Pescatori, Ricardo Trevisan and Ana Elisabete Medeiros

Skyscrapers in Brasilia: an ambiguous feeling

In: The skies as a frontier: verticalization in Brazil.1 ed. São Paulo: Grifo, 2013, v.1, p. 278-301. ISBN: 9788564863033

Ricardo Trevisan, Sylvia Fischer

From Construtora Albuquerque and Takaoka to Alphaville Urbanismo SA

National Restructuring and Expansion of an Urbanization Model.
In: Nestor Goulart Reis; Júlio Cláudio da Gama Bentes. (Org.). Ten years of dialogues on Urban Dispersion. 1d.São Paulo: FAU USP, 2017, v. 1, p. 501-527.

Carolina Pescatori, Lucas Abreu

National Identity and modern furniture in Brasilia's Itamaraty Palace.
In: The politics of furniture: identity, diplomacy and persuasion in post-war interiors. Fredie Floré; Cammie McAtee. (Org.). 1d.Oxon, OX; New York, NY: Routlege, 2017, v. , for. 135-151.

Luciana Saboia, Elane Peixoto,  Jose Airton

What will Brasilia be like 50 years from now?

In:  Brasília 50+50: city, history and project.   1ed.Brasilia: Publisher of the University of Brasília, 2014, v. , for. 70-.

Luciana Saboia, Elane Peixoto

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