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Metropolitan Landscape
Debating the Landscape of RIDE-DF (Integrated Development Network of the Federal District and Surroundings)

The present extension project aims to discuss the appropriation and configuration of the planned, built and lived landscape where the non-edificanti character prevails in different Administrative Regions of the Federal District and its surroundings, including in the debate the municipalities that make up the Integrated Network for the Development of the Federal District and Surrounding Area (RIDE).

Students involved: Undergraduate: (3) / Academic Master's: (2) / Doctorate: (2) .

Members: Luciana Saboia Fonseca Cruz - Coordinator / Carlos Henrique Lima - Member / Ricardo Trevisan - Member / Carolina Pescatori - Member / Lucas Brasil - Member / Tadeu de Brito - Member / Juliana Dullius - Member / Luíza Coimbra - Member / Emília Wolf - Member / Maria Cláudia Candeia - Member / Laura Camargo - Member / Lívia Lima - Member.

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